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Function Areas of the Hotel Function
The range of features in the hotel function can be divided into the following three areas:
Hotel reception telephones
Via the display and the LEDs on the function keys, the hotel reception telephone supports various control and query functions thereby making the need of a PC at the reception unnecessary. A function key is configured on the reception telephone for each room. In addition to check-in and check-out, other functions are available.
Before check-in, the status of the room can be checked (cleaned, unclean, blocked) and changed.
As soon as check-in is complete, the following configuration and query functions can be used.
Room telephones
The PBX provides a variety of functions that may not be suitable or may even be harmful in relation to room telephone use. Therefore, telephones configured as room telephones are blocked from not only programming functions (for example, do-not-disturb, call forwarding) but also from switching functions and special types of call initiation. This means that guests can only make and except calls. Furthermore, cleaning personnel have the option of indicating the status of the room by entering a series of numbers (cleaned, unclean, blocked).
The advantages of a system telephone compared to using standard telephones include centrally controlled delete functions when a guest checks out (data protection) as well as various convenience functions, and specially configured function keys when necessary. The functions that are still permitted on room telephones are operated in the exact same way as is described for normal telephones. With one exception: A function key assigned to the hotel room function enables the guest to set a wake-up time as well as query his call charges and his check-in time.
The following functions are still possible:
Deleting data and call charges using the Functions menu command (this does not affect the call charge counter on the PBX)
Print function
This print function enables a printout of the guest's call charges up to that point as an invoice (or interim invoice) including an itemised list of the individual calls. This function is controlled by the hotel reception telephone.
Note: The recommended printers are listed in the manual for the PBX in question.

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