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Macro Execution Procedure
The following describes the procedure based on an example key using the following command sequence HZ300CW2Z#22#Lg:
Command H: After pressing the macro key, the telephone switches to hands-free calling.
Note: If the H command (hang-up/pickup with the hook key) is missing at the beginning of the macro, the start of macro execution must be confirmed.
Command Z300: The telephone dials the phone number 300 (for example, the answering machine).
Command C: The telephone waits for the connection.
Command W2: After the connection has been established, the telephone waits another 2 seconds.
Command Z#22#: The telephone dials the DTMF code #22#.
Lg: The LED of the function key is switched on (green).
Important: The state of the LED remains the same after a macro has been executed – until the next time the command Lo, Lg, Lr or Ly is executed with the same key. If the LED is not to be used for status indication, it is recommended that you add the command Lo (disable LED) to the end of a macro.
If you want to end macro execution, press the home key.
Macro execution is ended immediately when an outgoing call is made to a destination that is busy or when a connection returns that it is busy. This occurs, for instance, when the other calling party ends the call or the macro contains a programming code that is not authorised.

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