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Operating Instructions for COMfortel Set
The operating instructions for COMfortel Set contain the following topics:
Navigating in COMfortel Set
After opening a configuration, the current areas are displayed in a directory tree. To show the organisation of the topics clearly, most topics have been consolidated under a main topic.
Click the desired main topic or the plus sign next to the main topic to open the underlying list of topics. Then click the topic you want.
The topic you have chosen opens on the page to the right.
You can select sub-topics directly on some pages by clicking tabs.
Entry and Selection Fields
Note: The menu bar is not required for processing the page. All entries and changes are made using the mouse or keyboard directly in the pages.
If this is a single field with an arrow pointing downward, open the list field by clicking the field.
If there are multiple fields in a table column (without an arrow pointing downward), open the list field by double-clicking the field.
Creating and Deleting List Entries
To create new list entries, fill the empty entry fields in the lower table row. Additional rows are then added to the list.
To delete an entry, an entire line can be deleted. To do this, double-click in an field in the line to be deleted. The field is then selected as indicated by the colour change. Right-clicking opens a menu. Click Delete. You can delete multiple fields by dragging your mouse with the left mouse button pressed to select multiple fields.

COMfortel 1400 - Firmware V2.2 - COMfortel Set V3.16 - Advanced Information V07 02/2019