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Selecting a PBX
The configuration of the telephone is dependent on the PBX that it is run on. In order to preconfigure a telephone for operation in another PBX (for example, for service calls), configure the system to be valid ahead of time. Ignore the error message and configure the desired presettings using the COMfortel Set. If you select another PBX instead of COMpact 3000 analogue/ISDN/VoIP, COMpact 5010 VoIP, COMpact 5020 VoIP, COMpact 4000, COMpact 5000/R, COMpact 5200/R, COMpact 5500R and COMmander 6000/R/RX (or vice versa), the existing configuration is irrevocably deleted.
Proceed as follows:
Press the Menu key and open the menu settings > synchronisation > select PBX.
The telephone restarts.
Note: If the wrong PBX is selected, this is detected and an error message is displayed. If the setting for a wrong PBX is made on purpose for service reasons, the error message must be ignored.

COMfortel 1400 - Firmware V2.2 - COMfortel Set V3.16 - Advanced Information V07 02/2019