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Telephone Book
The telephone book is used for storing useful or frequently dialled phone numbers along with the associated names. If a phone number that is entered in the telephone book is transmitted during a call, the assigned name is displayed instead of the phone number is displayed.
In the telephone book, entries (phone numbers, call macros and comments) can be stored. Up to four entries can be assigned to a name (contact).
In addition, internal numbers (subscriber, groups, door, emergency call) as well as contacts/short-code numbers on the PBX are displayed. If one of these entries does not have a name, the system telephone generates a name for the telephone book (for example, int. TN45, KW-A 05306...). The entries cannot be changed in the telephone book of the system telephone; they can only be changed using the configuration manager of the PBX. All of the contacts are displayed in alphabetical order.

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