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Configuring a Call Macro
A call macro can contain numbers as well as certain control characters. This enables you, for example, to query an answering machine.
Proceed as follows:
Using COMfortel Set to Configure a Call Macro
In the Kind list field, select the macro option.
Enter the call macro in the Phone number entry field. Possible entries:
Using the Telephone to Configure a Call Macro
Up to 40 digits
Digits and the characters * and #
pause: 1 second: Inserts a pause of one second.
pause: 2 seconds: Inserts a pause of two seconds.
pause: 4 seconds: Inserts a pause of four seconds.
wait for connect: Inserts a pause that lasts until the connection is established. (If no connection is possible, the macro ends.)
repl/lift hands: Ends the connection or initiates, it depending on the status.
Important: If you must prefix e.g. an exchange line access number when entering/selecting a phone number, depends on the exchange line request (automatic, direct exchange line telephone, internal telephone) that was configured in the PBX (see Advanced Information of the PBX).

COMfortel 1400 - Firmware V2.2 - COMfortel Set V3.16 - Advanced Information V07 02/2019