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Initiating Callback on Busy
If the connection you are calling is busy, proceed as described in the following.
Select recall and confirm with OK.
If callback is configured, you receive the message recall activated.
Note: When operated on the PBXs COMpact 3000 analogue/ISDN/VoIP, COMpact 5010 VoIP, COMpact 5020 VoIP, COMpact 4000, COMpact 5000/R, COMpact 5200/R, COMpact 5500R and COMmander 6000/R/RX: If you want to delete the callback, tap on in the redial list.
As soon as the connection is no longer busy, you are called by the public exchange/PBX for a period of 20 seconds.
If you do not pick up the receiver within the 20 seconds during which the public exchange/PBX calls you, the callback instruction is deleted.
If you want to cancel the callback, select reject.
If you pick up the receiver, the subscriber is called.
You also have the option of letting the public exchange call you as soon as one of the B-channels on the previously called ISDN connection is available. If the person for which you have set up callback is telephoning on the other B-channel, callback will remain unsuccessful.
A callback is tried up to 45 minutes by the public exchange/PBX. If the called person did not finish his call until then, the callback will be deleted automatically.

COMfortel 1400 - Firmware V2.2 - COMfortel Set V3.16 - Advanced Information V07 02/2019