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Function Key for Readiness
Press the generally assigned key to permanently switch the readiness of a voice mail/fax box to be selected on or off.
Press the defined and assigned key to switch a previously defined voice mail/fax box on or off or switch it over.
In addition the status of the function is indicated by the corresponding LED.
Note: When functions are defined on the second key level (optional, see Technical Data in the Instructions), LED signalling is not available.
Requirements for operating the function:
Proceed as follows by assigning the function key:
Note: For further information about the general procedures when assigning function keys, see Function Keys.
Additional settings for this function key are described in the following.
Configuration with COMfortel Set
Voice mailboxTelephone no 
Phone number of the box whose function shall be switched.
Configuration with the Telephone
Telephone no
Phone number of the box whose function shall be switched.
general: Press the key to open a selection list where the box to be switched can be selected.
defined: If you press the key, the selected box will be switched into readiness mode.

COMfortel 1400 - Firmware V2.2 - COMfortel Set V3.16 - Advanced Information V07 02/2019