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Performing Remote Access
Remote access can either be performed via DTMF codes or via voice control and DTMF codes. Remote access via voice control and DTMF codes is only possible with the COMfortel 3600 IP and only in German.
Proceed as follows:
After the set call acceptance time, the answering machine takes the call.
Note: When quick access is configured you also immediately hear the announcement for remote access (REMOTE.WAV) and can start remote access (without entering the PIN).
Note: If you mistype the remote access PIN you can start again by typing it again without * (asterisk).
0 or "Hilfe"
1 or "Hauptmenü"
2 or "Neue Nachrichten wiedergeben"
3 or "Alle Nachrichten wiedergeben"
4 or "vorherige Nachricht"
5 or "Nachricht wiederholen"
6 or "Nächste Nachricht"
7 or "Nachricht löschen"
8 or "Stop"
8 or"Weiter"
*10 or "Voicemailbox ausschalten"
*11 or "Voicemailbox einschalten"
*70 or "Alle Nachrichten löschen"
*99: Records a voice memo. Ring off to save the memo or press #. To cancel, press *.
Note: This request is currently not available with voice control.
Auflegen: Ends remote access.

COMfortel 1400 IP/2600 IP/3600 IP - Firmware V2.8 - Advanced Information V08 12/2020