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Settings Telephone E-Mail
Proceed as follows:
Using the telephone (page  > Settings > COMfortel > More > E-mail)
Language templates
There are several language templates available for e-mails that are sent by the answering machine. These language templates include different text elements (boilerplates) which are used to create the e-mails. The language templates are in *.xml file format.
General: General text elements
Date and time: Boilerplates with variables for date and time
Mailbox: New Message: Boilerplates for information about a new message
Test e-mail: Boilerplates for creating a test e-mail.
Language template 
User-defined: The user-defined language template is automatically created in the language used by the Configuration Manager. The user-defined language template has the boilerplates described above, in the relevant language, and can be configured by the user.
Language Template (Language): The language template cannot be configured by the user
Enter the sender‘s e-mail address.
Enter the address of the SMTP outgoing e-mail server (server or IP address). You can obtain the address of the outgoing e-mail server from your e-mail provider or you can read it up in the Internet.
Enter the port number of the outgoing e-mail server. You can obtain the port number from your e-mail provider or read it up in the Internet.
Authentication type 
Select the authentication type that is required from the e-mail server.
No authentication: Authentication is not performed.
Username/Password: Authentication is performed with the username and password.
MD5 challenge-response: Authentication is performed with an MD5 challenge-response. This means the password is not transferred in plain (unencrypted) text.
Username/password as selected authentification type
Enter the username. In most cases, the complete e-mail address of the sender must be entered. You will obtain further information about this from your e-mail provider.
Username/password was selected as authentification type
Enter the authentication password. It is the password of the sender‘s e-mail account.
  Send e-mail in html format
 E-mail will be formatted and send in html format. Thus, an e-mail can also contain e. g. images and hyperlinks.
Encryption disabled: Switches encryption off.
Encryption (SSL) after STARTTLS: Switches encryption on after STARTTLS.
Encryption (SSL) immediately: Switches encryption immediately on.
E-mail recipient 
Enter the e-mail address of the recipient.
Send test e-mail 
Test e-mail will be sent.

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