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Settings Configuration Manager Sounds
Proceed as follows:
Using the Configuration Manager (page Settings > Device > Sound)
Move the regulator to individually set the phone ringtone, media, alarm and the gain headset microphone.
Settings for sound
Default ringtone 
The default ringtone applies to all possible call types insofar that you have not made any other call type-specific settings.
You can add additional ringtones to the telephone. To do this, use the file manager (see chapter Settings > File Manager) and save the ringtone file (*.wav, *.mp3) in the ‘Ringtones‘ folder. For a COMfortel 3600 IP, you can directly place the file on the internal storage into the already created ‘Ringtones‘ folder. For a COMfortel 1400 IP and COMfortel 2600 IP, you must use an SD card. To do this, create a ‘Ringtones‘ folder and place it into the superordinated ‘LOST.DIR‘ folder.
For a ringtone that has been added, the file title, if existing, is displayed. Otherwise, the file name is displayed.
Select the default ringtone.
  Headset ringer
 The ringing is played at the headset.
  Silence on user proximity (only COMfortel 3600 IP)
 The ring signal will be switched off during call if a gesture (e. g. waving) is made in front of the proximity sensor.
 The ringer goes on, even on user proximity.
Ringtone by call type
Ringtone by call type 
Select the ringtone for the corresponding call type. Options:
Settings for special groups
Settings for special groups > Configure
A specific ringtone can be assigned to each group.
Group number 
Enter the corresponding group number.
Phone ringtone 
Select the group ringtone.

COMfortel 1400 IP/2600 IP/3600 IP - Firmware V2.8 - Advanced Information V08 12/2020