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Settings Telephone Display
Proceed as folllows:
Using the telephone (page  > Settings > Device > Display > (More))
Brightness (COMfortel 3600 IP)
 The display brightness will be set automatically.
  The automatic display brightness is disabled and the display brightness must be set manually.
Brightness (COMfortel 1400 IP und 2600 IP)
  By moving the regulator, the display brightness can be set.
Live wallpapers are animated wallpapers that can be used instead of conventional wallpapers. You can download live wallpapers via apps or import them via data storage device. Alternatively, you can use a configured IP camera as live wallpaper. A remote wallpaper can be imported from a server into the phone by entering the URL.
Select the display wallpaper
: Select a wallpaper from the Gallery.
: Select an image from the Wallpapers.
: Select an image from the Live wallpapers.
: Select the Remote Wallpaper by entering the remote wallpaper URL (Live wallpapers > Remote Wallpaper > Settings...)
Follow the instuctions below to provision a Remote Wallpaper:
Note: Within the *.xml file, the two characters „<“ and „>“ must be replaced by „&lt;“ or. „&gt;“ (<url>;HWTYP&gt;.jpg></url>).
The tag will subsequently be replaced depending on the phone type CF1400IP, CF2600 IP or CF3600IP).
URL example for COMfortel 3600 IP:
The selected time indicates after how many seconds/minutes without action the telephone switches into the idle state. Then, the display no longer reacts on touch. If not automatically is selected, the telephone will not automatically be set into the idle state.
Sleep mode off
Notes: The idle state is switched off automatically if, for example, an incoming call is signalled, or if the alarm rings. If the screen lock is set, the idle state is enabled again immediately after the event.
Press any key on the telephone (exception: function keys) and if necessary enter the screen lock password.
Screen candy 
Select the screen candy (e. g. clock or colours). For some screen candys, additional settings can be made under .
  Font size
Select the font size (from small to huge).
Display profile   (only COMfortel 1400 IP)
Select the display profile. The display profile can be configured to customise the viewing angle of the display to make it easier to read if the device is being used on a table or mounted on a wall.
  Display off
 Display will be switched off in power save mode.
 Display will be dimmed in power save modede.
Proximity sensor  (only COMfortel 3600 IP)
The farther the regulator is set to the right, the higher is the sensitivity of the sensors. From which distance the proximity sensor start reacting can be seen when the star changes the colour.
Configuration-dependent idle state
Configuration ID 
The telephone changes into the idle state if the PBX switches over into a specific configuration (e. g. night configuration).
Enabled Configuration switchover check box in the PBX
Enter the configuration ID of the configuration.
Note: To switch off the configuration-dependent idle state, delete the configuration ID in the Configuration ID entry filed and click OK.
  Message LED
Flashing and continous on: Indicates new entries, or entries that have already been viewed.
Flashing only: Indicates new entries.
Off: LED is always switched off.
  Signalling of fax boxes
If you find the LED signals of the fax boxes disruptive or annoying, they can be switched off separately.
 New fax entries will be signalled.
  Display LED (only COMfortel 1400 IP and 3600 IP)
The different telephone states can be set (e. g. missed calls, new messages, etc.). Configure which telephone state is to be signalled or if the signalling shall be switched off completely.
Show alerting and calls: Indicates the status of the call.
Show alerting, calls and headset activation: Indicates the status of the call and the headset activation (only COMfortel 3600 IP).
Show alerting, calls and new messages: Indicates the status of the call and new messages.
Off: LED is always switched off.
  Registration status display for VoIP subscribers
 If not registered on the PBX, the speed dialling key signals unregistered VoIP subscribers in yellow.
 No signalling of the registration status.
Touch calibration (only COMfortel 1400 IP and 2600 IP)
If the telephone reacts imprecise, it must be calibrated by touching the two crosses on the display.
Power save mode behaviour 
The selected time indicates after how many minutes in the idle state the power save mode will be switched on. The background lighting will then be dimmed or switched off completely and the LEDs are inactive (exception: message LED for missed calls).

COMfortel 1400 IP/2600 IP/3600 IP - Firmware V2.8 - Advanced Information V08 12/2020