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Apps, Running Services and Storage Use
You can manage applications and display details about the applications installed on your telephone and its active services, for example, memory use and the corresponding application modules. You can also stop faulty apps.
Proceed as follows for configuration:
Using the telephone (Home screen >  > Manage Apps)
Note: The telephone's operating system automatically manages the amount of memory being used by apps and services. We recommend that these options are only set for advanced users.
The App administration page opens. It has four tabs with lists of apps, services, and their associated components. In addition, you can see how much memory is being used by each particular app and services at the bottom of each tab.
Select the tab. Options:
Downloaded: Downloaded apps (internal storage)
On storage medium: Apps installed on the data storage device
Running: Active oder buffered services running in the telephone‘s RAM
All: All apps on the telephone
App name
Make the settings. Options:
Force stop: Ends the running App
Uninstall: Deletes the additionally installed app
Clear data: Deletes the data used by the app (configuration settings, datasets, etc.)
Move to storage medium: Moves the app onto the data storage device
Clear cache: Deletes the data which was cached in the RAM bay the app
Clear defaults: Returns the app to the default settings
Note: You can view more detailed information about an app under Memory, Cache, Launch by default and Permissions.
Name of running service
Depending on the service, you can make different settings which will stop the service or send a report.
Make the settings. Options:
Settings: Service-specific settings
End: Ends the active service
Report: Sends an error report to the service provider
Note: You can view more detailed information about a service under Services and Processes.

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