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Emergency numbers
You can configure emergency numbers as well in the PBX as in the telephone. Emergency numbers are those numbers that you configure as such (not only 110 or 112).
If a screen lock is configured, emergency and service numbers can be dialled and initiated without having to enter the PIN or password.
Configure the emergency number (max. 10) at best only then in the telephone if it is not system telephone on the PBX.
For the use as system telephone on the PBX, it is avisable to configure the emergency numbers only in the PBX. In this case, the PBX always recognizes an emergency number independently from the configured exchange line request.
Proceed as follows:
Using the telephone (page  > Settings > COMfortel > More > Emergency numbers)
Telephone should not be system telephone on the PBX.
The emergency numbers you set up in the telephone are not synchronised with the PBX‘s telephone book.
Emergency number 
Enter the emergency number.
Name of emergency number 
Enter the emergency number name.
Account to use 
Select the account.
Note: When selecting a phone number, any account assigned to that number will only be used if you dial a phone number using the Contacts app.

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