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Settings Telephone IP Camera
Proceed as follows:
Using the Configuration Manager (page  > Settings > COMfortel > More > IP cameras)
IP camera settings
Enter the IP camera name.
Enter the IP cameras IP address or URL.
Image scale in % (10...400) 
Enter the image scale to enlarge or minimize the image.
Image frequency 
The image frequency defines the number of the pictures per second/minute that can be sent by the IP camera to the telephone.
If the only one image image frequency is selected, only one picture is sent and the display is not updated.
The value of the images actually transferred depends on which IP camera type is used.
Select the image frequency.
  Full screen
Note: In the telephony app you tap to switch on full screen mode for the duration of the call or tap on to switch off full screen mode.
 The image of the IP camera in the telephony app will be displayed in full screen mode during an imcoming or outgoing call.
 The image of the IP camera will be displayed significantly minimized.
  Centre image
 The displayed image section is being centred.
 The image section is being displayed starting from the upper left-hand corner of the camera picture.
  Increased security
 The image of the IP camera will only be displayed in the telephony app during an incoming call.
 The image of the IP camera will be displayed in the telephony app and in the IP camera app.
Note: If a snapshot is to be made during a call, it is necessary that the corresponding contact is linked with an IP camera (see chapter Settings > Contacts and phone number lists> Configuring a Link Between an IP Camera and a Contact).
 The telephone creates a snapshot in several situations and saves it into the gallery. A snapshot will be made if you:
Enter the user. You find the user in the Advanced Information of the IP camera.
Enter IP camera password. You find the password in the Advanced Information of the IP camera.
IP camera control
IP camera control 
You can use the telephone's directional pad to control tiltable and zoomable PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras (left, right, up, down, zoom in, zoom out, OK key). The OK key pans the IP camera in a predefined position. URL entry in the entry filed.
You must make a number of camera-specific settings before you can use your telephone to control the IP (see PTZ interface documentation for the IP camera).
You find the URL in the Advanced Information of the IP camera.
Motion Detection
  Motion Detection
Note: You must make camera-specific settings to enable motion detection on the camera (see Advanced Information for the IP camera).
 The IP camera app will be switched on automatically. Additional settings must be made:
TCP port (for all IP cameras) 
Enter the corresponding Port number (port).
TCP message 
Enter the TCP message (TCP trigger) for the configured IP camera.
Attention tone 
Select the attention tone or no attention tone.

COMfortel 1400 IP/2600 IP/3600 IP - Firmware V2.8 - Advanced Information V08 12/2020