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Settings Telephone Security
Proceed as follows:
Using the Telephone (page  > Settings > Personal > Security)
No screen lock
Disables the screen lock.
Screen lock
If the screen lock has been enabled, it is switched on together with the idle state ( Apps > Settings > Device > Display).
After the screen lock has been switched on, you can still receive incoming calls and initiate emergency calls (only manual dialling of entered emergency numbers).
Screen lock with own PIN : Freely selectable PIN consisting of at least 4 digits. Enter numeric PIN to disable the screen lock.
Screen lock with own password  : Freely selectable password consisting of at least 4 characters. Enter own password to disable the screen lock.
Screen lock with PBX user password : Enter PBX user password to disable the screen lock.
Automatic screen lock  
 The selected time specifies after how many seconds/minutes in idle state the screen lock is switched on (instantly with switching on the idle state or after 5 seconds to 30 minutes).
Make passwords visible  
 The password entries are facilitated as they are visible.
Device administrators  
Device administrators are apps to which you have given this authorisation, e.g. e-mail and calendar apps. Normally, the authorisation is demanded when an account is configured for the app, i.e., when the app must configure server-specific security directives on the telephone.
For information about the device administrators contact your system administrator.
If authorisation is disabled, some functions of the account within the corresponding app will normally be lost, e. g. the option to synchronise e-mails or calendar entries. Watch the status bar for messages from the app. The functions will only be available again after you have enabled the device administrator.
 Select the device administrator and confirm the activation/deactivation in the dialogue.
Installation of apps from unknown sources
The telephone can allow the installation of apps from unknown sources (e. g. App Shop, websites, e-mails, etc.)
Caution: Apps and files downloaded from the Internet can contain viruses which can damage your telephone.
To protect your telephone and your personal data, we strongly recommend you only download apps and files from trustworthy sources.
  Unknown sources
Important: If you install additional apps, the telephone's functionality may be affected, including loss of use. When the Auerswald service team or specialised dealer checks the telephone, it is reset to its factory settings. This process removes any previously installed apps and data, so these must then be reinstalled separately.
Note: Click  > Settings > Device > Apps > app name to check, which of your telephone's functions and which personal data an app can access.
 The installation of apps from unknown sources is alllowed.
Trusted credentials  
Access can be granted for apps to the credentials storage of the telephone. Encrypted certificates with the corresponding passwords and other credentials for network connections can be stored in the credentials storage.
Note: For information about the necessary credentials contact your system administrator.
 Select the credentials and confirm the activation/deactivation in the dialogue. With the activation of the corresponding apps, they will be granted access to the credentials of the telephone.
Install certificate from SD card
A certificate is a digital data set that contains identifying information about e. g. a service or website. A certificate contains an algorithmic signature that confirms that the communication is encoded and that the telephone actually communicates with the required service.
Note: Only certificates which are not yet saved on the telephone are displayed.
Select the certificate from the data storage device, enter a name and, if requested, activate the screen lock. The following setting must also be made:
Credential use: 
Select the certificate use. Subsequently, the certificate is saved in the telephone's credential storage and can then be used, for example, to establish a secure network connection
Note: Under Settings > COMfortel > (More) > Phone certificates, the phone certificates can be viewed and checked for correctness.

COMfortel 1400 IP/2600 IP/3600 IP - Firmware V2.8 - Advanced Information V08 12/2020