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App Accounts
Accounts serve to store messages, contacts and other data on your telephone.
Synchronising the accounts allows you to compare data from the telephone with data from other sources of synchronisation, e. g. PBXs or servers of providers.
You can define which accounts and data are to be synchronised, e. g.:
Some account, for example, the telephone book of the PBX (contacts), can only be synchronised in one direction. Synchronised contacts cannot be edited on the telephone.
Other accounts can be synchronised in both direction. Changes to data on the telephone will also be taken over for data at the source of synchronisation.
In order to synchronise Exchange ActiveSync accounts, calendar (Calendar Sync) and contacts (Contacts Sync) need to be unblocked in the Auerswald/FONtevo online shop for a fee (see Service and Maintenance > Extending the Telephone Functionality).
Proceed as follows for configuration:
Using the telephone (page   > Settings > Accounts)
  Add account
Note: When the telephone is operated on the PBX, accounts for synchronisation with the PBX will be added automatically. The telephone book of the PBX will automatically be synchronised with the contacts app.
Depending on the account type, follow the instructions on the display.
Synchronisation on/off
Account name   
Depending on the account, different account elements which can be synchronised for this account will be displayed, e. g. contacts. You can switch synchronisation on and off separately for each account.
When disabling the synchronisation, data that was synchronised in the telephone so far will not be deleted.
 Data of the selected account element will be synchronised.
Manual synchronization
Account name > > Sync now
The current status of the account is displayed:
Remove account
Account name > > Remove account
Note: Deleting an account also deletes all its messages, contacts and other data from the telephone.
The selected account will be deleted.

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