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Settings Telephone Time and Date
Proceed as follows:
Using the Telephone (page  > Settings > System > Date & Time)
Date & Time
  NTP (Network Time Protocol)
As the time on a computer or on other devices in the network is only rarely precisely adjustable, the NTP (Network Time Protocol) is used. This is a protocol that is used to synchronise the time on a computer or on other devices in the network with other computers or with an external clock via the Internet. An NTP server is selected to perform the time synchronisation. The time provided by the NTP server is synchronised as exactly as possible to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
If a local NTP server is available in a local network, it can be selected, or a public NTP server from a public list on the Internet can be used.
 The time will automatically be adopted from the NTP server. The following entry must additionally be made:
NTP server 
Enter NTP server address.
  Use 24-hour format
 24-hour format is selected
 12-hour format is selected. The following settings must additonally be made:
Time indication 
am: Time applies to morning.
pm: Time applies to afternoon.
Select time zone 
Note: If you change the time zone, the time stamp used for data on the telephone is modified to suit the new time zone.
Select the correct time zone to ensure that all data on the telephone that has a time stamp, such as calendar entries or e-mails, is displayed with the correct time.
Select date format 
Select the date format.

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