E-Mail and Instant Messaging > E-Mail Account > Creating an E-Mail Account

Creating an E-Mail Account
the dialogue in which you add (create) an account appears automatically the first time you open the e-mail app.
Depending on your e-mail provider, you can create an account either automatically or manually.
Proceed as follows:
Using the telephone (page  > Settings > Accounts > Add account)
Tap on E-mail.
Enter the e-mail address in the E-mail address entry field.
Enter the password in the Password entry field.
Note: If you set up another e-mail account, you can define the new account as the default account for new e-mails.
Tap on Next.
Note: If your e-mail provider's settings cannot be applied automatically, tap on Manual setup. You will be given the information by your e-mail provider or the system administrator, e .g.:
An information request is sent to your e-mail provider.
Optional: Enter a name for the account in the Give this account a name entry field. The account name then appears in the account list.
Only for POP3/IMAP accounts: Enter a name in the Your name entry field. The name is displayed as the sender for outgoing messages.
The Inbox of the e-mail account is opened and the account is synchronised. You can now use this account to send and receive e-mails.
Tap on Next.

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