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Reading and Replying to E-Mail
The Email app automatically retrieves new e-mails from the established accounts. Depending on the account settings you will see a message in the status line or hear a ringtone to tell you that an e-mail has arrived.
Proceed as follows:
Tap on > E-mail.
This opens the most recently displayed folder.
To open another account, tap on Inbox in the navigation bar and tap on the name of the account.
Note: When the Inbox is open, tap on to display other folders for an e-mail account, e.g. the draft or sent folders.
This opens the e-mail. In the header you see the sender and additional information such as the time at which the e-mail was received.
Tap on or to respond to an e-mail. If you select , all the other e-mail recipients will receive your reply in addition to the sender.
Tap on to forward an e-mail.
Note: To mark an e-mail as unread, tap on .
To delete an e-mail, tap on .
The e-mail reply opens so you can edit it (see the section on E-Mail and Instant Messaging).
Tap on Send.

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