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Writing and Sending E-Mails
Proceed as follows:
Tap on > E-mail.
Note: If you have opened an e-mail account, the new e-mail is sent from this account. Otherwise the e-mail is sent with the account you specified as the default account for outgoing e-mails. The account with which you send the e-mail is displayed in the top line.
Note: While you are entering the e-mail address the system displays suitable addresses from your contacts. Tap on an address to transfer it.
In the Compose Mail entry field, enter the text of the e-mail.
Press the menu key and tap on Cc/Bcc to add other e-mail recipients.
Press the menu key and tap on Attach file to attach a file to the e-mail.
Tap on Send.
If you want to send the e-mail later, press the Menu key and then tap on Save.
To discard the e-mail, press the Menu key and then tap on Discard.

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