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Procedure when Calling the Boss Telephone
If the boss/secretary function has been switched on, calls to the boss telephone are made as follows:
Important: When the boss/secretary function is switched on, incoming calls are also rerouted to the secretary telephone when the functions do-not-disturb, call restrictor incoming or subscriber call forwarding are enabled on the boss telephone. On the other hand, a call from the secretary telephone to the boss telephone is rerouted if call forwarding is enabled or will give a busy signal if do-not-disturb is enabled.
Note: On the secretary's telephone, in addition to the boss key, it is also a good idea to configure a speed dialling key for the phone number of the boss telephone to keep track of whether it is busy or not.
Note: In order to recognise a call that comes from the secretary's telephone, the secretary's number can be entered into the telephone book on the manager telephone and assigned a specific ringtone.

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