Functions > Targeted Exchange Line Access (System Telephone) > Initiating Targeted Exchange Line Access

Initiating Targeted Exchange Line Access
Proceed as follows:
Press a function key configured for targeted exchange line access.
The VoIP account is enabled for the next call. The account name is shown in the dial window.
Note: In any case, the external number must be dialled with the corresponding local area code, even if it is the local local area code. Special numbers provided by the VoIP provider, for example numbers for account balance enquiries or mailbox queries, do not usually have a local area code.
The subscriber is called.
If you are called before you start the conversation, you must initiate the specific exchange line access again for your next conversation.
If you want to transfer the specified MSN (your external number) during external calls, calling line identification must be enabled ( shown in display).

COMfortel 1400 IP/2600 IP/3600 IP - Firmware V2.8 - Advanced Information V08 12/2020