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Performing InterCom Announcement
Telephone is a system telephone on the PBX or InterCom announcement is performed on the PBX for which the sequence ##011 has been entered under Settings > Providers & PBXs > Name of Provider/PBX > Numbers > Special numbers > Keypad sequence for InterCom hands-free calling.
Note: The InterCom announcement can also be performed from any internal telephone (see the PBX‘s Advanced Information).
Depending on the action type configured on the key, proceed as follows:
Press the function key for InterCom announcement or press and hold the function key.
The LED next to the function key lights up green to show a call connection is present.
To end the announcement, press the function key again or release the function key.

COMfortel 1400 IP/2600 IP/3600 IP - Firmware V2.8 - Advanced Information V08 12/2020