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Function Key for InterCom Announcement
Press the key when the telephone is in its idle state to select the subscriber number or group number stored on the key and initiate the InterCom announcement. Depending on the action type configured, you need to hold the key during the announcement (as soon as you release the key again, the connection is terminated) or switch the key over by briefly pressing the key (the key is pressed once at the start and once at the end).
In addition, when InterCom destination is defined on the first key level, the status of the InterCom destination connection is indicated by the corresponding LED.
Requirements for using the function:
Telephone is a system telephone on the PBX or InterCom announcement is performed on the PBX for which the sequence ##011 has been entered under Settings > Providers & PBXs > Name of Provider/PBX > Special numbers > Keypad sequence for InterCom hands-free calling
Proceed as follows by assigning the function key:
The function can only be set up on a programmable function key that has an LED (not on a touch function key).
For further information about the general procedures when assigning function keys, see Function Keys.
Additional settings for this function key are described in the following.
Hold:The key must be held down during the announcement
toggle: A short press of the key starts the announcement. Another short press of the key ends the announcement
Select the account for the PBX
InterCom destination 
Enter the internal number

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