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Function Key for the Telephone Line
Press the key assigned to Telephone line to initiate an outgoing call through the account (assuming there are no upcoming incoming calls for the assigned account).
If you press the key assigned to the telephone line during an incoming call through the assigned account then, when you pick up the receiver, the system will put the caller on hold.
All the keys assigned to Telephone line for the same account form one group. If a connection is established through the account, one of the keys in this group, that is not yet assigned to a call, will automatically be selected to represent the connection state.
If you have used the keys to put several callers on hold (LED lights up in yellow), you can connect the caller's calling card with the toolbar (LED flashes yellow) by pressing the keys repeatedly.
The business card connected to the toolbar is active.
Business cards have different outline colours: green for the active business card, light blue for a business card that requires attention, and grey for a business card that is shown only for informational purposes.
In addition, when functions are assigned on the first key level, the status of the function is indicated by the corresponding LED.
You cannot run this function if the account stored for a function key has been deleted. When you press the key, a dialogue opens, in which you can assign a new account to the key. Tap on New account next to the Account ID, select a new account from the list field and then tap on Assign.
The Telephone Line function fills both key levels. If one level is filled, the other levels are also filled automatically.
Proceed as follows by assigning the function key:
The function can only be set up on a programmable function key that has an LED (not on a touch function key)
For further information about the general procedures when assigning function keys, see Function Keys.
Additional settings for this function key are described in the following.
Selection of the account
PBX account: Enter phone number
SIP account: Enter the phone number of the account or, in the case of SIP trunking, the DDI main number and Direct Dial In without prefix

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