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Fast temporary memory that accelerates the access to frequently used data (e. g. repeatedly visited Internet sites).
Call Deflection
Call Deflection - refers to call forwarding during the ringing period. If Call Deflection has been activated, the called subscriber can deflect the call on a case-to-case basis while the telephone is still ringing.
Digital key issued by a Certification Authority (CA) to ensure the authentication and secure transmission of e-mails, web sites, etc.
Piece of computer hardware or software that accesses a service made available by a server.
CLIP No Screening
Telephone service for outgoing calls that allows the party called to see a customer-defined phone number instead of the phone number assigned by the network provider.
In this context, no screening means that the customer-defined number is not checked by the public exchange against the assigned numbers. It may contain any phone number you define (e.g., a service phone number).
Method to encode (digitise) analogue voice data for transmission and decode it again to convert it into back into voice. There are various codecs that feature different voice data compression rates thereby require different band widths for data transmission. The equality of VoIP calls is dependent on the codec used.

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