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Direct Dial In - extension number for dialling directly to a specific subscriber on a telephone system. Example: In the number 0 53 06 / 92 00 - 700, 700 is the Direct Dial In number (DDI) for the Auerswald info-line.
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (previously Digital European Cordless Telephony) - a standard for digital cordless telephones and data transmission. DECT systems provide encrypted transmission between mobile handset and base station.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - client/server protocol for dynamically allocating IP addresses and network parameters. The IP addresses are requested by the DHCP clients (PCs in the network) on the DHCP server (for example, a router or the Internet service provider). The DHCP server takes these IP addresses from a set address pool and sends them to the client. In addition, the client receives additional information (for example, the addresses for the standard gateway and DNS server).
The IP address is temporarily allocated for a certain amount of time. If the address is no longer required by the client, the server has access to it again and can allocate it to another client.
Dial Preparation
Dialling of a number before a call is initiated by lifting the receiver or tapping on .
Differentiated Services Flag - flag evaluated by active network components such as routers or switches in networks in order to forward packets according to their priority. This is necessary, for example, to give voice packets (VoIP) priority and to achieve better voice quality.
Domain Name Service - needed to translate Internet addresses. The name of a computer on the Internet (for example, is assigned to the corresponding IP address. This service is provided by DNS servers at the various Internet service providers or by upper domain servers.
Globally unique name of a website, consisting of third-level domain (e. g. the service name “www“), second-level domain (e. b. “auerswald“) and top-level domain (e. g. the country code “uk“). The domain is part of the URL.
Reset of the telephone to the previous firmware version.
Program or software module that controls the interaction between an operating system or program and the interfaces to connected devices (keyboard, printer, monitor, etc.) or virtual devices.
Digital Subscriber Line - Internet access technology using a digital transmission standard that provides wide bandwidths for the transmission of data via telecommunication networks.
Dual Tone Multi Frequency dialling - dialling method that transmits the dialled number to the exchange as two superimposed sinusoidal signals.

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