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Network Address Translation - permits the mapping of a specific IP address used within a network to another IP address used by another network. This function is e. g. performed by a router which connects a local area network to the Internet.
NAT Traversal
Method to establish and hold communication connections that allows IPsec-encrypted data packets to pass trough NAT transition points.
Network Prefix
Provides the net mask for the IP address and specifies how many IP addresses are released in a network range. The larger the network prefix, the fewer the number of IP addresses that are released.
Example: IP address
Network Time Protocol - protocol that synchronises the time on a computer or on other devices in the network with other computers or with an external clock via the Internet. An NTP server is selected to perform the time synchronisation. The time provided by the NTP server is synchronised as exactly as possible to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
If a local NTP server is available in a local network, it can be selected, or a public NTP server from a public list on the Internet can be used.

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