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Transmission Control Protocol - transport protocol that segments data into packets up to a specified size and reliably sends these individual data packets in the correct sequence to the recipient address. In this process, every data packet sent must be resent until it has been confirmed as arrived. In order to make sure this happens, a large amount of information is sent along with the actual payload data. Most Internet services are implemented with TCP, e.g., HTTP (WWW), SMTP/POPS (e-mail), etc.
Transport Layer Security - protocol for the encryption and secure transmission of data on the Internet. TLS is often used to protect http connections, e. g. for commercial transactions (https).
T-Net Functions
Functions available on the analogue T-Net in Germany. There are analogue comfort telephones with pre-defined function keys or menus for T-Net functions such as callback on busy, call forwarding, toggling between conversations or conference calling.

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