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User Datagram Protocol) - protocoll used to send data packets over non-secure communication lines without a connection. This means that successful transmission is dependent on the application and is therefore not always guaranteed. UDP itself does not verify whether data has been transmitted successfully. When a UDP packet is sent, the sender cannot assume that the packet will indeed arrive at the recipient. This particular protocol needs only a small amount of additional information, and results in a better data throughput rate in a well-functioning network, e. g., on a LAN. UDP is used by DNS servers, for example.
Installation of a new firmware version to integrate new features and to solve possible problems. Previous settings of the device remain unchanged.
Update Server
Server that provides up-to-date data, e. g. firmware files, provider profiles, etc., for downloading to a telephone.
Uniform Source Locator - complete address of a resource (e. g. a website), consisting of a scheme (e. g. „http://“) and a scheme-specific part (e. g. domain „“ and path „en/products/pbx/home-office.html...“).

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