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Voice over Internet - Internet telephony. An Internet connection (for example, DSL) is used for telephoning instead of an analogue or ISDN line. Digital voice data is sent as IP packets from one telephone to another. This functions the same way as the transmission of a webpage over the Internet.
The transmission quality and the reliability of Voice over IP depends to a great extent on the quality of the Internet connection used.
VoIP Account
Account configured with a VoIP provider who provides the necessary access data required for VoIP calls. For this purpose, you need to register your name and address with a provider via their web site. Finally, one or more phone numbers accessible from the public switched network and the Internet as well as an account with a user name and password are allocated. Most of the time, it only takes a few minutes to configure the registered connection which can then be used almost immediately.
VoIP Provider
Internet service provider offering internet telephony (VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol).
VoIP Address
VoIP telephone number plus domain, separated by the @ character: <subscriber>@domain.
Virtual Private Network - connects remote or neighbouring networks (LAN) to the internal network using a VPN tunnel. The tunnel functions basically as a channel in which embedded data is transported from one network to the other.

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