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The following image shows the telephone display with an open home screen.
Using the Touch Function of the Display
Note the basic safety information below.
Caution: Improper cleaning or operation can damage or destroy the display.
Keep the display clean. To do this, use a soft, dry cloth (for COMfortel 3600 IP in the scope of delivery).
To operate the telephone, use your fingers. Under no circumstances use pointed objects on the display (e.g. ballpoint pens or pencils).
Never apply force or excessive pressure when touching the display.
Important: Electrostatic discharge or moisture may cause the display to malfunction.
Avoid contact with other electrical equipment.
Only clean the display with the dry cloth supplied.
The actions listed below are available on the display:
Selecting, Opening, etc.
Tap on the corresponding position on the display briefly with your fingertip (e.g. symbol, button, list entry).
... to select, open, start, emphasise, mark, or switch on/off.
Selecting Elements, Opening Settings
Touch and hold the corresponding place on the display (e.g. symbol, button, list entry, free area on the home screen).
... as a preparation for moving or deleting elements (apps, shortcuts, widgets).
... for opening additional settings e.g. wallpaper for the home screens.
Moving and Deleting Elements, Scrolling
Use your fingertip to drag the element up, down, right, or left across the display ...
... to move elements (e.g. to the home screen, to the Delete symbol).
... to scroll one screen at a time (up/down, right/left).
Fast Scrolling, Scrolling through Web Pages
Swipe quickly with your fingertip to the top, bottom, right, or left...
... to quickly scroll through a list.
... to scroll through the home screens.
... to scroll through web pages.
Tap on the display with your fingertip ...
... to immediately stop fast scrolling.
In some alphabetically ordered lists (e.g. Contacts) the symbol is displayed on the right. Drag the symbol upwards or downwards to scroll to the letter.

COMfortel 1400 IP/2600 IP/3600 IP - Firmware V2.8 - Advanced Information V08 12/2020