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Setup Assistant
The setup assistant will start automatically the first time the telephone is used.
Note: You can also use the Setup assistant while you are using the telephone. Tap on > Settings > Setup assistant, to open the Setup assistant.
Use the Setup assistant to make the following basic settings:
With PBX search: You can search the network for PBXs that could be used as an account.
With provider profile: You can create an account using one of the offered provider profiles.
Specify provisioning server: You can enter the URL of a special provisioning server for automatic configuration with the help of a provisioning file.
Manual setup: This closes the Setup assistant and opens the Settings app.
Restore backup: You can select a backup file to restore the configuration and other data.

COMfortel 1400 IP/2600 IP/3600 IP - Firmware V2.8 - Advanced Information V08 12/2020