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Android Keyboard (Screen Keyboard)
Use the screen keyboard to can enter text. Some apps open the keyboard automatically. In other apps, you can call the keyboard by tapping on the place where you want to enter the text.
Note: Alternatively you can use the keypad to enter letters. Press a key on the keypad repeatedly to display a series of characters available with that key. The last character to be displayed is the one that is inserted.
Moving the Insertion Point
Selecting Text
Deleting Text
Entering Capital Letters
Activating the Caps Lock Key
Cutting, Copying, Pasting
Select the text you want to edit. Tap on Edit and select one of the following options:
Select all: Selects the entire text in the entry field.
Cut: Cuts the selected text.
Copy: Copies the selected text.
Paste: Inserts the copied text at the insertion mark.
Entering Numbers and Special Characters
Tap on ?123 to input numbers and special characters. To enter other special characters, tap on =\<. Tap on ABC to return to inputting letters.
Selecting your Language
Go to > Settings > Personal > Language & input > Keyboard & input methods > Android keyboard > Input languages to select a number of different languages for the Android keyboard.

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