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Creating a Contact
In addition to the contacts that are synchronised with the PBX's telephone book, you can create additional contacts on your telephone.
Note: Any contacts that you create on your telephone will not be synchronised with the PBX's telephone book.
Proceed as follows:
Press the Contact/Telephone book key.
When entering a number, the user part of the SIP URI must be entered. The user part is the character string in front of the @ character.
By tapping on the icon on the right of the entry field you can add an image to the contact. You can also add an image at a later time by tapping on Contact/telephone book > Name of the contact > Menu key > Edit contact.
Important: Enter phone numbers exactly as when dialling, for example, always enter external numbers with a leading exchange line access number. In the factory settings, the PBX's exchange line access number is "0", but it can be changed in some PBXs (see the Advanced Information of the PBX).
To assign a phone number to an account (default setting is Any public exchange), select an account from the list field to the right of the phone number under Phone.
Note: When selecting a phone number, any account assigned to that number will be considered only if you dial a phone number using the Contacts app.
Select a label under Phone  in the second list field to the right of the phone number, to identify that phone number, e.g. private or work (the default setting is Private).
Select a label under E-mail  in the list field next to the e-mail address to identify that e-mail address, e.g. private or work (the default setting is Private).
Note: Tap Add another field to open  other entry fields, for example Notes andWeb site.
Tap on Done.

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