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Settings Telephone Backup and Reset
Proceed as follows:
Using the telephone (page  > Settings > Personal > Backup & reset)
Create backup
When you create a data backup, a backup file (Backup) will be generated on the chosen medium.
Note: The internal memory and the USB port is only available on a COMfortel 3600 IP.
Important: If you reset to factory settings, a backup on the internal memory will be deleted.
Important: Note the following legal notes before creating the data backup. The data backup contains the following legally protected components:
Configuration of the telephone
Names of the internal subscribers
Passwords of the telephone, the subscribers, the VoIP accounts and the VoIP subscribers
Address book of the telephone
Connection data records containing destination, source and time information for a telecommunication connection
Before the data backup is created, all telephone users must be informed that these data will be forwarded and must also be informed who will use the received data. It is absolutely necessary to store the data in accordance with the legal requirements. If you want to make the data backup available for your specialized dealer or the manufacturer for analysis, you must make sure that the legal requirements are fulfilled.
  Accept legal notes
Read the disclaimer, accept the legal notes and click OK.
Restore backup
If required, you can restore the backup file saved on the data storage device or the PC to the telephone.
Select the data backup file and > OK.
Factory data reset
If you reset the telephone to factory settings you can delete data and settings saved in it. This includes, for example, deleting downloaded apps, personal data (e.g. contacts), function key assignments and your customised configuration of the home screens.
You can also delete data that is stored on the data storage device, e. g music and photos.
  Erase SD card
 Erase all the data on the SD card, such as music or photos. This will happen when you click Reset phone.
Reset phone
By clicking Reset phone, you will be asked once more if you want to reset the telephone to factoty settings.
All your personal data and downloaded apps are deleted. You cannot undo this action.
Reset phone: The telephone is shut down and then restarted. This can take some time.

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