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Recording the Network Data Stream
To log the Ethernet data stream you can record a network log in PCAP format. This log file can be evaluated (e.g. with Wireshark/Ethereal), to find out the cause of any errors that may have occurred.
The recorded network data stream can include the following components:
Before the recording, every subscriber on the telecommunication connection must be informed that these data will be recorded and must also be informed who will use the received data
If you want to provide the recorded data your specialized dealer or the manufacturer for error analysis, you must make sure that the legal requirements are fulfilled.
Proceed as follows:
Click Information > Network data stream.
In the entry field, tap Ok to accept the legal terms and conditions.
Click Start trace.
This starts recording the network log.
Click Save (this text depends on which browser you are using).
The backup file is saved in the folder configured for downloads on the PC.
Further steps:

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