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Settings Configuration Manager External Control
Proceed as follows:
Using the Configuration Manager (page Settings > COMfortel > External control)
uaCSTA (User Agent Computer Supported Telecommunication Application) is a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) solution on SIP basis. CTI enables e. g. the establishment, transfer and end of telephone calls and the initiation of telephone conferences. CSTA protocols are used for standardised communication between PBXs and computer programmes. uaCSTA is a restricted form of CSTA and uses only XML coding for data exchange.
Selected server type Broadsoft server or ESTOS CSTA (ECSTA)
 The telephone is ready to accept uaCSTA requests.
Action URL
  Receiving of Action URLs
The telephone can receive and execute HTTP-requests via the PC with Action URLs. Furthermore, the telephone can send commands.
 Action URLs are executed. The telephone receives HTTP-Requests from the PC and executes them.
Sending of Action URLs 
The following actions can be sent from the telephone:

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