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Performing Remote Access
Remote access is used to access and operate the voice mailbox from an internal telephone or from an external telephone.
Proceed as follows:
The voice mailbox accepts the call. You hear the configured announcement.
Note: If the querying internal telephone is the owner/user of the voice mailbox, step 3 will be omitted.
Enter the user PIN or the PIN for remote access and press #.
This starts the remote access procedure. You are led through the remote access menu with the help of various announcements.
0 Opens the Help menu.
1 Opens the main menu.
2 Replays new messages.
3 Replays all the messages.
4 Jumps back to the previous message.
5 Repeats the message currently being replayed.
6 Jumps to the next message.
7 Deletes the message currently being replayed.
8 Ends playback.
* 10: Disables the voice mailbox.
* 11: Enables the voice mailbox.
* 20: Enables you to record and change to different announcements.
Note: The default announcement and your announcements are played, if present. The following functions are available whilst your own announcements are being played back:
#: Selects the announcement currently being played as an active announcement.
4: Jumps back to the previous announcement.
5: Repeats the announcement currently being played.
6: Jumps to the next announcement.
7 Selects the announcement that is currently being played, so you can change it or record it. Press # to save your announcement, or * to exit the function.
* 30: Disables message forwarding.
* 31: Enables message forwarding.
* 70: Deletes all messages and voice memos.
* 99: Records a voice memo.
Disconnect: Ends remote access.
Note: By dialling 9 while a message is being replayed, the phone number of the caller will be displayed—provided it has been transferred. By pressing the # key, you can initiate a callback to the caller's number.

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