Voice Mailboxes on the PBX > Message List > Opening the Message List of a Voice Mailbox

Opening the Message List of a Voice Mailbox
Open the message list of a voice mailbox to retrieve, play back and delete recordings (messages and voice memos) or move them to an archive. You can also record announcements.
The message key LED shows you that there are recordings present in the message list.
Proceed as follows:
Using the telephone (function key or  > Functions > VMB open)
Note: If a new recording is present, you can also open the message list by tapping on in the Status Info widget.
Press the  Message key.
This displays the available lists (this function is skipped if the other lists are empty).
If you have enabled automatic playback under  > Settings > COMfortel > Answering machine, new recordings will be played back automatically after the voice mailbox has been opened. The latest recording is played back first.
You can also enable or disable automatic playback from the message list by pressing the Menu key and tapping on Settings.
All entries: Displays all the entries saved in the message list.
Messages only: Displays only the messages saved in the message list.
Voice memos only: Displays only the voice memos saved in the message list.
Archive: Displays the voice mailbox archive.
Announcements: Displays the saved and free announcements for the voice mailbox.
Record voice memo: Starts the recording of a voice memo.

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