Voice Mailboxes on the PBX > Message List > Opening the Message List of a Fax Box

Opening the Message List of a Fax Box
Open the message list of a fax box to download telefaxes to your telephone, delete them or move them into an archive. In addition, you cen forward telefaxes via e-mail.
Note: Your telephone saves telefaxes in the *.pdf file format. To read the telefaxes, you need to install a suitable app on your telephone (see chapter Introduction to the Telephone > Apps > All Apps > Installing Additional Apps).
Proceed as follows:
Using the telephone (function key or  > Functions > VMB open)
Press the Message key.
This displays the available lists (this function is skipped if the other lists are empty).
All faxes: Displays all telefaxes saved in the message list.
Sent faxes: Displays only the sent telefaxes.
Received faxes: Displays only the received telefaxes.
Archive: Displays the archive of the fax box.

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