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About this Manual
Basic Knowledge
Device Overview
Keys and LEDs
Overview of Connections
Display Elements
home screens
Status Bar
Status Info
Setup Assistant
Telephony App
All Apps
Indroduction to the Operation
Function Keys
Android Keyboard (Screen Keyboard)
Entry and Selection Fields
Configuration Manager
Opening the Configuration Manager
Notes for Using the Configuration Manager
Settings Configuration Manager Configuration Manager
Settings Telephone Configuration Manager
Opening Help
Incoming Calls
Options during an Incoming Call
Accepting an Incoming Call
Rejecting an Incoming Call
Putting a Caller On Hold
Forwarding Incoming Calls
Call Waiting Calls
Options during a Call Waiting Call
Rejecting a Call Waiting Call
Accepting a Call Waiting Call
Forwarding a Call Waiting Call
Switching Off the Call Waiting Tone
Outgoing Calls
Options for Outgoing Calls
Picking up Receiver and Dialling Telephone Number
Dialling a Telephone Number with Dial Preparation
Initiating an External Call with Calling Line Identity Restriction
Options for Unsuccessful Calls
Initiating Callback when Line is Busy
Initiating Callback on No Reply
Initiating a Priority Call when Do-Not-Disturb is Enabled
Options during a Call
Information about a Call
Sending DTMF Signals
Muting a Call
Ending a Call
Query Call
Initiating a Query Call
Ending a Query Call
Options during a Query Call
Toggling Between Conversations
Ending One of the Two Calls
Connecting Both Communication Partners
Options for Transferring a Call
Transferring with Announcement
Transferring without Announcement
Placing Call Partner in Waiting Loop
Calling a 3rd Internal Subscriber and Transferring them to an Active Call Partner
Conference Call
Initiating Conference Calls
Options during a Conference Call
Initiating Toggling Between Conversations during a Conference Call
Ending a Call With One of the Conference Call Partners
Connecting Both Conference Call Partners
Ending a Conference Call Completely
Hands-Free Calling
Initiating a Call in Hands-Free Calling Mode
Ending a Call in Hands-Free Calling Mode
Switching On Hands-Free Calling during a Call
Switching Off Hands-Free Calling and Returning to Normal Calling
Loudspeaker Listening
Switching On Loudspeaker Listening during a Call
Switching Off Loudspeaker Listening and Returning to Normal Calling
Ending a Call in Loudspeaker Listening Mode
Headset Call
Initiating Headset Calls
Ending a Call in Headset Operation
Initiating the Listen-in Function on the Receiver
Ending the Listen-in Function On the Receiver
Contacts and Phone Number Lists
Searching and Displaying a Contact
Dialling from the Contacts
Creating a Contact
Editing a Contact
Deleting a contact
Sharing Contacts
Options for Configuring Contacts
Configuring a Link Between an IP Camera and a Contact
Hiding a Contact
Adding/Removing Favourites
Selecting Contacts for Display
Function Key for Contact
Setting Display Options
Adopting a Telephone Number from Dial Preparation
Adopting a Telephone Number from a List of Telephone Numbers
Adopting Telephone Numbers to Other Dialogues
Importing/Exporting Contacts
Redial List
Opening the Redial List
Dialling from Within the Redial List
Deleting Entries from the Redial List
Call Log
Opening the Call Log
Dialling from the Call Log
Deleting Entries from the Call Log
Settings Configuration Manager Call log
Settings Telephone Call log
Caller List
Opening the Caller List
Dialling from Within the Caller List
Deleting Entries from the Caller List
LDAP Client
Adding New Account
Changing the Permission Level
Synchronizing the Account
Deleting an Account
External Line Transfer (System Telephone)
How External Line Transfer Works
Function Key for Exchange Line Transfer
Call Waiting
Switching Call Waiting On/Off
Function Key for Call Waiting
Switching the Do-Not-Disturb Function On/Off
Function Key for Do-Not-Disturb
Automatic Bandwidth Amplification
Switching Automatic Bandwidth Amplification On/Off
Function Key for Automatic Bandwidth Amplification
Boss/Secretary Function (System Telephone)
Procedure when Calling the Boss Telephone
Switching the Boss/Secretary Function on the Boss Telephone On/Off
Secretary Function Key on the Boss Telephone
Boss Function Key on the Secretary Telephone
Switching Follow-Me On/Off
Function Key for Follow-Me
Targeted Exchange Line Access (System Telephone)
Initiating Targeted Exchange Line Access
Function Key for Targeted Exchange Line Access
Group Function (System Telephone)
Detailed Information About Group Functions (Call Types)
Logging the Telephone In/Out
Function Key for the Group Function
Logging Telephone Out of All Groups
Function Key for Logging Out of All Groups
Function Key for Displaying the Group State
Headset Operation
Switching Headset Operation On/Off
Function Key for Headset Operation
InterCom Announcement/Hands-free calling
How InterCom Announcement Works
Performing InterCom Announcement
Function Key for InterCom Announcement
How InterCom Hands-Free Calling Works
Using InterCom Hands-Free Calling
Function Key for InterCom Hands-Free Calling
Switching InterCom Permission On/Off
Function Key for InterCom permission
Configuration Switchover (System Telephone)
Manual Configuration Switchover
Function Key for Configuration Switchover
Macro Function
Macro Execution Process
Function Key for the Macro Function
Performing Pick-Up
Pick-Up During a Call
Function Key for Pick-Up
Power Dialling
How Power Dialling Works
Initiating Power Dialling
Cancelling Power Dialling
Relays (System Telephone)
Switching Relays On/Off
Function Key for Switching Relays
Calling Line Identity Restriction
Switching Calling Line Identity Restriction On/Off
Function Key for Calling Line Identity Restriction
Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding Variants
Call Forwarding for Subscribers
Function Key for Switching Off All Call Forwarding for Subscribers
Function Key for Call Forwarding for Subscribers
Call Forwarding for Subscribers in the PBX
Function Key for Call Forwarding for Subscribers in the PBX
Call Forwarding for External Numbers
Function Key for Call Forwarding for External Phone Numbers
Settings Configuration Manager Blacklist
Settings Telephone Blacklist
Function Key for Blacklist
Control by External Apps
Function Key for Control by External App
Telephone Line
Function Key for the Telephone Line
Announcement Before Answering for Group (System Telephone)
More Information on "Announcement Before Answering" for Group
Switching Announcement Before Answering for Group On/Off
Function Key for Announcement Before Answering
Door Functions (System Telephone)
Using the Door function
Own Telephone Rings (Door Call) – Opening Door
Door Knock – Opening Door
Function Key for the Door Functions
Waiting Field Function (System Telephone)
Configuring a Waiting Field
Process of Call Acceptance in Waiting Field
Switching Waiting Field Reception On/Off
Function Keys for a Shared Line
Function Key for Switching Waiting Field Reception On/Off
Speed Dialling
Options for Using Speed Dialling Keys
Display of the Registration Status
Function Key for Speed Dialling
Local Answering Machine
Local Answering Machine
Settings Configuration Manager Answering Machine
Settings Telephone Answering Machine
Forwarding a Caller to the Answering Machine
Answering Machine Accepts Call – Adopting Call
Function Key for Readiness
Function Key for Message Forwarding via E-Mail
Function Key for Call Acceptance Rules
Announcement Settings in the Telephone
Recording a Call
Function Key for Starting Call Recording
Function Key for Automatic Call Recording
Remote Access Variants
Configuring Remote Access
Performing Remote Access
Function Key for Remote Access
Settings Configuration Manager E-Mail
Settings Telephone E-Mail
Answering Machine List
Opening the Answering Machine List
Listening to Recordings (Messages, Voice Memos and Call Recordings)
Forwarding Recordings (Messages, Voice Memos and Call Recordings) via E-Mail
Dialling from the Answering Machine List
Deleting Recordings (Messages, Voice Memos and Call Recordings)
Function Key for the Answering Machine List
Voice Memos
Recording Voice Memos
Listening to Voice Memos
Function Key for Recording Voice Memos
E-Mail and Instant Messaging
E-Mail Account
Creating an E-Mail Account
Configuring an E-Mail Account
Removing an E-Mail Account
Reading and Replying to E-Mail
Writing and Sending E-Mails
Instant Messaging
Configuring the Instant Messaging App
Reading and Replying to an Instant Message
Writing and Sending an Instant Message
Voice Mailboxes on the PBX
Voice Mailbox
Settings Configuration Manager Voice Mail and Fax Boxes
Settings Telephone Voice Mail and Fax Boxes
Signalling of Fax Boxes
Automatic Operation
Function Key for Automatic Operation
Function Key for Readiness
Deputy Function
Function Key for the Deputy Function
Message Forwarding
Function Key for Message Forwarding
Notification via E-Mail
Function Key for Notification via E-Mail
Remote Access
Performing Remote Access
Function Key for Remote Access
Message List
Opening the Message List of a Voice Mailbox
Opening the Message List of a Fax Box
Listening to Messages
Distributing Messages
Dialling from the Message List
Sending a Telefax as E-mail
Deleting Messages from the Message List
Function Key for Opening a Message List
Recording an Announcement
Switching Your Own Announcement On/Off
Deleting an Existing Announcement
Voice Memos
Recording Voice Memos
Listening to Voice Memos
Distributing Voice Memos
Deleting Voice Memos
Function Key for Recording Voice Memos
Moving a Message into an Archive
Opening an Archive
Deleting Messages from the Archive
Providers and PBXs
Management Configuration Manager Providers and PBXs
Management Telephone Providers and PBXs
Settings Configuration Manager Providers and PBXs
Settings Telephone Providers and PBXs
Management Configuration Manager Accounts
Management Telephone Accounts
Settings Configuration Manager Account
Settings Telephone Account
Function Key for Use of an Account
Settings Configuration Manager Ethernet
Settings Telephone Ethernet
Settings Bluetooth (only COMfortel 3600 IP)
Function Key for Bluetooth
Settings Configuration Manager Sounds
Settings Telephone Sounds
Settings ringtone
Function Key for the Ringtone
Settings Configuration Manager Display
Settings Telephone Display
Function Key for the Idle State (Sleep)
Apps, Running Services and Storage Use
Emergency numbers
Settings Configuration Manager Location
Settings Telephone Location
File Manager
Managing Data in the File Manager
IP Camera
Management Configuration Manager IP Camera
Management Telephone IP Camera
Settings Configuration Manager IP Camera
Settings Telephone IP Camera
Function Key for an IP Camera
Settings Configuration Manager Permissions
Settings Telephone Permissions
Function Keys
Settings Configuration Manager Function Keys
Settings Telephone Function Keys
Settings Configuration Manager Security
Settings Telephone Security
Language on the Telephone
Settings Configuration Manager Telephone language
Settings Telephone Telephone Language
App Accounts
Date and Time
Settings Configuration Manager Time and Date
Settings Telephone Time and Date
Telephone Information
Using the Configuration Manager
Using the Telephone
External Control
Receiving Action URLs (HTTP-Requests)
Settings Configuration Manager External Control
Settings Telephone External Control
Service and Maintenance
Backup and Reset
Settings Configuration Manager Backup and Reset
Settings Telephone Backup and Reset
Downgrading the Telephone
Update and Provisioning
Settings Configuration Manager Update and Provisioning
Settings Telephne Update and Provisioning
Procedure in Case of Firware Update Problems
Remote Configuration
Configuring the Telephone Remotely with ARA Server via the Internet
Removing and Mounting an SD Card
Erasing a data storage device
Shutting Down and Restarting the Telephone
Extending the Telephone Functionality
Settings Configuration Manager Online Shop
Settings Telephone Online Shop
Service Data
Recording the Network Data Stream